Our office will continue to observe our policy of payment at the time of service. Since Dr. Gilbert is not a provider for any insurance panels and has opted out of Medicare, each client will be responsible to verify eligibility and benefits with their insurance company. If you have questions related to finances, please contact the office directly. Your scheduled time with Dr. Gilbert should not be used for this purpose.

zen265All missed appointments or appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours notice will be charged at full fee. Monday appointments need to be cancelled on the Thursday preceding your appointment. This charge will be due and payable prior to your next visit. If there are unusual circumstances, please feel free to talk with the office manager prior to your visit about special financial arrangements. Consideration in this regard will be decided on
a case by case basis.

Reminder calls for patient appointments are a courtesy. Circumstances beyond our control may prevent these calls from being placed. It is the responsibility of the patient to attend their scheduled appointment. Missing an appointment because you did not receive a courtesy call will be charged
as a failed appointment.

In the event of an emergency, contact the office immediately. Should you get the office voicemail, follow the instructions on the outgoing message specific to after hour emergencies.

The following is an itemization of my fee schedule:

Fees Cost
Initial Consultation, Adults $450
Initial Consultation, Minors – Requires one appointment with child, one appointment
with parents
$450 1st hour
$295 2nd hour
Psychotherapy, 50 – 60 min. $295
Psychotherapy, 30 – 40 min. $255
Psychotherapy, 20 – 30 min. $200

***Fees Subject to Change***